Dr. Jerry Sepinwall DREAM Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded to students who are AB540 students, regardless of national origin, who have submitted an Affidavit to Admissions. Financial Need, 2.00 GPA and full time enrollment are required. Scholarships are for any major, only for Undergraduates. Preference to first generation college students. Students must also submit letters of recommendation.

*Past awardees of the Sepinwall DREAM scholarship are eligible to reapply as long as they meet the other criteria of the scholarship
*Total amount of scholarship will be divided based on recipients

Supplemental Questions
  1. Short Answer Essay. Must be equivalent of two to three pages. Please type your response to ONE of these essay questions: 1) Start this essay with a description of your background. Describe a significant struggle that your family has gone through and has shaped your identity as an AB 540, undocumented or DACAmented student; or 2) Describe how living in the United States has changed your life, either positively or negatively. Also describe how this has shaped your identity and how you feel towards the current policies for the undocumented community.
  2. Letters of Recommendation. One must be completed by a Faculty and the other by a counselor, employer or acquaintance.
    • Counselor, Employer or Acquaintance Letter of Recommendation
    • Faculty Letter of Recommendation