STAND Scholarship

As first generation and undocumented university students at Cal State San Marcos, we know the obstacles and adverse situations that many first-time students face when applying to and continuing college. Our goal is to reach those students with infinite potential and help them overcome those financial and social barriers. This scholarship contributes to their ability to pursue a higher education, which is an important asset to them as individuals and for us as a collective society.
STAND is operated by university students and graduates who want to build relationships with college and college bound students, to guide them to be successful during their college experience, and to help financially with this scholarship.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a first generation college student?
  2. Birth Date
  3. Place of Birth
  4. Number of siblings
  5. Are you an AB540, Undocumented or DACAmented student?
  6. Awards and Extracurricular Activities Please list any honors, community service, club memberships, and leadership positions.
    • Club Activities and Community Service
    • Honors and Awards
    • Leadership Positions
  7. Short Answer Essay. Must be equivalent of two to three pages. Please type your response to ONE of these essay questions: 1) Start this essay with a description of your background. Describe a significant struggle that your family has gone through and has shaped your identity as an AB 540, undocumented or DACAmented student; or 2) Describe how living in the United States has changed your life, either positively or negatively. Also describe how this has shaped your identity and how you feel towards the current policies for the undocumented community.
  8. Provide two letters of recommendation. One must be from a faculty and the other may be from a counselor, employer or acquaintance. Each letter of recommendation should include: 1)How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?; 2) Knowledge of family background and/or any struggles/obstacles the applicant has overcome?; 3) Description of applicants ability to succeed in college and accomplish personal goals.; and 4) Describe or list any extra-curricular activities you are aware of.
    • Counselor, Employer or Acquaintance Letter of Recommendation
    • Faculty Letter of Recommendation
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