Lucas Dunn Endowed Memorial Scholarship

A rock-climbing trip that turned tragic for Cal State San Marcos student Lucas Dunn led Veronica Anover, CSUSM professor of French and Spanish, on a three-year long journey to keep his memory alive while supporting other students at the same time.

“I was so perplexed and so devastated by Lucas’ death that I had to make sense of that loss—somehow I had to,” said Anover. “I also had to make sense of Lucas not getting to go to France after all his hard work and his excitement. The only way I could make a little sense of his loss was to honor his memory with a scholarship.”

Lucas is described as a kind and warm person with a magnetic personality and sense of humor.


The Lucas Dunn Endowed Memorial Scholarship ensures that his memory will be permanently honored and remembered, allowing his peers to accomplish the dream of travelling abroad to France that Lucas could not.